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Scrap Bin Services

We understand the importance of keeping your scrap metal and toxic waste contained at work sites because bad waste management could result in hindering your work process and worse, it could be dangerous to your workforce! Therefore, safety is the biggest priority at construction sites, demolition sites, at factories and even in residential areas. Keeping metal scraps and other harmful materials out of the way is essential and the best way to do so is with scrap bins. GB Scrap Metal provides scrap bins that are the best for the job!

We provide various commercial bin sizes that are ideal for your work sites. Moreover, our pick-up and drop-off services are convenient and scrap metal waste management becomes simple with us.

Here’s how we work-

Give us a call and our qualified team of professionals will approach your worksite to determine the type and size of bin you will need. Once that is done, our team will transport a scrap bins to your location. We will come and collect the bin once it is full or we come around on a fixed schedule as per your requirement, to haul away the scrap.

At GB Scrap Metal, our recycling unit is armed with best in class recycling equipment that ensures that you receive the best recycling services. We are also equipped with weighing scales and measures that are regulated by international standards. Thus, we are able to provide our clients with the best waste management solutions and also the highest competitive prices for the scrap.

You can count on us!

Give us a call and let our team help you determine the type of commercial bin you need!

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