Ferrous Scrap Metal Recycling

Ferrous Scrap metal Recycling

Recycled iron finds its use in various industries ranging from large scale construction to small scale factories. It is also found in daily household items such as office supplies, soft-drink cans, food containers etc.

With the rising demand of ferrous metals comes the necessity to recycle and reduce metal waste build up. That is why, at GB Scrap Metals, we are competent in recycling both ferrous and non ferrous metal scrap concurrently.

We purchase both steel and iron scraps from various industries such as shipyards, steel structures and automobile manufacturers and even railway tracks. The collected scrap metal waste is then recycled at our plant, as a result of which high grade commodity grade material is produced. This serves as a valuable raw material for many other industries such as construction, railways, aircraft and appliances etc.

Here at GB Scrap Metal, we make sure that our clients receive only the best. Thus, our high quality commodity grade material and our dedication to our customers have made us the most popular scrap metal recycling plant in Brisbane. Moreover, our facility houses best in class ferrous metal recycling and weighing machinery that makes sure that our clients get the highest possible remuneration for the scrap.

Environmental safety is a matter of great importance at our plant. Therefore, we have ensured that all our machinery and the processes that we follow comply with all environmental standards and safety requirements. Thus, we render unparalleled customer service and the best recycling experience to all clients.

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